Past Exhibitions


On the occasion of the anniversary of the 200-year friendship between Georgia and Germany, Museum Goch, the CCA Center for Contemporary Art Tbilisi and the curator Maria Wildeis will be taking part with Frauenkulturbür NRW e.V. in joint group exhibitions in Georgia and NRW in summer and autumn 2017.



19.01.2017 - 19.02.2017

Georgian contemporary art exhibition "Spying Future" in Klipeda (Lithuania)
Organizer –  CCA - Tbilisi.
Venue - Klaipeda culture communication center 

18/09/2016 - 02/10/2016

Spying Future” is an Exhibition Project of Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi in the framework on "Tbilisi Science and Innovation Festival 2016” supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.
The Exhibition will take place at National Scientific Library participating 18 Georgian Artists.


25 May at 11 AM at Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi (Uznadze str. #49) will hold a free presentation of artistic work of Alisa Berger.


DIGITAL BODIES - curated filmprogramm of KHM-student/alumni-films for FAR OFF 


The exhibition “Writing with Color II” initiated by the Center of the Contemporary Art-Tbilisi and supported by the Ministry of Culture and monument protection of Georgia will be opened on 27th of May, Friday, at 18:00 at the Europe House in Tbilisi.


''00:00” - An exhibition opening by the graduated studens of CCA-Tbilisi at Europe House.
March 03, 2016, 06:00 p.m.

Exhibition from April 10 to may 10, 2015

RELAX (chiarenza & hauser & co) - A word a day to be wiped away
Exhibition from April 10 to may 10, 2015
Opening on April 10th, 6pm

27/04/13, 06:00 pm

Forest of kisses - Installation by Pacoco Gil
Chew On - Performance by Ingentinget
Deviation - Performance by Ingentinget
The time - Performance by Pacoco Gil and Miguel Regalado

10.05.2013 / 18:00
07/10/2011 – 15//11/2011
22/07/2011 – 15//08/2011
26/05/2011 – 15//06/2011
18/03/2011 – 08/04/2011

Painting as many other forms of artistic expression suffered enormously from the ideologic dictatorship under the Soviet regime. There was basically only one subject content allowed in visual art: Socialist realism. Though it was prohibited by state law to paint different content than demanded by Socialist realism policy, there were artists, who resisted the system and developed their own artistic language,.

30/11/2010 – 10/12/2010
21/01/2011 – 20/02/2011
01/10/2010 – 02/11/2010