Development-Oriented Adult Education and International Cooperation - Lifelong and Global Learning in One World

The Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International, a registered association) operates nationally and internationally. It has been cooperating for over 40 years with state, civil society and university partner organizations engaged in adult education in nearly all parts of the world:


- In developing countries and countries in transition in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, DVV International seeks to establish and support adult education which responds to the situation in each partner country, is guided by objective criteria and functions in the interests of the poorest sections of the population.


- In the industrialized countries DVV international fosters professional interchange and, increasingly, project cooperation.


- DVV international plays a part worldwide, together with the specialist adult education associations that operate regionally and globally, in the necessary work of disseminating information and lobbying.



The German Adult Education Association (DeutscherVolkshochschulverbande.V. )

The DVV is an Institute of the German Adult Education Association. This was set up in 1953 as an umbrella organization for the Land (provincial) associations of Volkshochschulen (adult education centres) in the Federal Republic of Germany, there now being 16 such associations. The historical roots of the Volkshochschulen (VHS) go back to the beginnings of the workers' movement and to the popular education of the late 19th century. Today, the VHS are public continuing education canters offering a wide range of provision, from vocational skills and further training, and a second chance to acquire school-leaving and other qualifications, to courses with political and cultural themes, and leisure courses. The DVV represents the organizational and educational interests of the VHS and their Land associations. It is a partner in or member of the following bodies:


Center of Contemporary Art –Tbilisi is a partner organization of DVV International from 2012. From this period DVV International is a general sponsor of CCA-Tbilisi. As a supporter organization, every year, DVV International is funding informal master’s program at the Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi. DVV international gives vulnerable students a chance to get scholarship and to have an access to studies at the CCA-Tbilisi for 9 months. 
Also, DVV International supports and funds exhibitions and publications, which are produced during the 9 months with united effort of the students.