Tbilisi Triennial


The project started in 2012.  The idea was to reveal what Tbilisi can offer to global art world. Since the project was not intended to be a commercial enterprise, directed at city branding, like many biennials and triennials are, we decided to take a different approach and focus on a theme – Education. The theme we chose is a very tangible and problematic one. Big Education structures, academies and universities often lack flexibility to device new profiles, new directions and make experiments in the field of education. Today, when reality changes so rapidly, the bureaucratic machines find themselves in an anachronistic condition, with no ability or desire to take the visionary approaches. The first Triennial focused on experimental, alternative education and also took a form of a forum for unaccredited schools and their exhibitions.


Next Triennial is also connected to education, but through the angle of self-organized systems. It focuses on mechanisms and instruments by which small groups in a society can connect and cooperate around, common public interest without the expectation of state assistance. This aspect is also interesting in terms of legislative developments, concerning local self-governance in Georgia.


1-st Tbilisi Triennial - Offside Effect